3 days ago , Document No. Nomenclature, Standardisation Sub-Committee. , (Third Revision), COMPOSITION FLARES, BEACON. Environmental standards JSS / MIL-STD [1], [2] on GPS VTS board for compatibility of the system with these Standards. The typical test specifications. For more details, refer Procedure 6, Test Condition K, Page no of Defence. Standard JSS Rev Low Temperature Test.

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Major Industries that use our products are: More on the MIL Knowing that our lab standard the proficiency to meet these exacting standards in their own testing serves as proof of our ability to exceed your expectations when testing your product for fungal resistance. Fungi can introduce internal moisture, affecting system performance.

Standerds Followed

Therefore, while this testing method is a highly effective standard, and more than sufficient for most product testing, there are some products that may benefit from alternative testing standards.

Fungus can block delicate moving parts. Subscribe to our newsletter receive news and updates We Promise not to spam you, super promise! Rugged – Floor Standing Racks.

It is an automatic telephone exchange which complies to JSS standards. Essentially, this approach attempts to simulate potential product usage conditions in order to determine whether that product can effectively resist fungus. If the material contains enough of a food source, fungus will grow on the material.

Delivering More Value

Design and engineering facilities are supported by Solidworks and other design tools for designing enclosures. However, most importantly, it has been proven to be provide consistent and accurate test results.


While they are too numerous to detail here, our labs are familiar with them and are well-prepared to assist you in finding the appropriate standard for product testing. The test begins when the product under scrutiny is sprayed with an aerosol suspension of fungus spores.

The work has been carried out as per specification and the performance of the firm is satisfactory. At NTS, we have decades of expertise that enable us to provide the precise controls required to successfully simulate the prescribed conditions for fungus testing.

JSS – Antifungal Test – Electronics | Situ Biosciences LLC

However, it is not without its potential drawbacks. Presently working at our location “Hotel Raajpath, Vadodara” with satisfactorily, Since last 08 years. In addition, it can standarss a useful tool when branding and promoting your product in warmer and humid climates. Our engineers can assess the needs of your project and recommend a specific set of tests that takes care of both quality control and relevant regulatory issues early in the product development lifecycle.

Metabolic waste products from fungus can cause corrosion or etching. Due to the health risks associated with fungal growth, along with the nature of insulation, which becomes effectively hidden after installation, this testing standard is hugely important for builders and the product developers offering insulation.

However, while the polymers used in the products in question may be unaffected by fungi, secondary materials affected may cause significant product damage and failure nonetheless.

RIDEX is portable and easy to deploy, It can be used to quickly set up communication platform within minutes. Product Segment It is our endeavour to become One stop solution where Electronics Packaging will not only include Enclosures but also Cabling, Climate control, Power supply, Electromagnetic compatibility, Protection from dust, Water and shocks. Coral Telecom has bagged the Nigerian Army ruggedised field exchanges.


NTS offers a wide range of testing services, evaluating equipment and material to help adhere to such standards as:.

Providing the right combination of products and services and deploying them with professional expertise is stansards to understanding the way technology is constantly evolving. RIDEX is capable of switching and routing data channels hence can be used as a LAN bridge capable of transmitting images and jas from one location to the other.

However, this list is far from exhaustive. However, carbon-rich constituents and contaminants in and on these synthetic materials can provide the needed food for fungi.

Its Radio support along with other connectivity makes it very useful for setting up seamless communication between various rescue agencies. In other cases, fungi can cause severe aesthetic changes to products designed to be aesthetically pleasing.

Rain Test Chambers

We have been honoured by DRDO organization of India for our consistent quality, adherence to project deadlines, innovation and up gradation in technology. Unfortunately, these climates are also the most susceptible for fungal growth, meaning fungus-resistant insulation materials needed to be developed. Business Segment The Company caters to three areas: These tests involve inoculating the material being tested with naturally occurring fungal spores, such as Aspergillus niger, Penicillium pinophilum, Chaetomium globosum, Gliocladium virens and Aureobasidium pullulans.