Name of Legally Binding Document: JIS B Taper pipe threads. Name of Standards Organization: Japan Standards Association (JSA). UDC JIS. Japanese Industrial Standard. Designation of thread . r = P. P = n. JIS B ISO (BS21). C JIS B – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. JIS B .

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To determine the thread pitch, use the Swagelok pitch gauges and check the thread against each form until you find a match. Straight or parallel threads are best used as fastening connections since they do not have a leak tight seal. This gasket could be either all metal or metal with a bonded elastomer on the ID.

The seal takes place by compressing the O-ring against the face of the female component. The male end has a straight thread and b2003 O-ring in a groove on the jie of the fitting. You find the thread diameter to be 0. Help Center Find new research papers in: Depending on the application and materials, thread lubricant may be used.

Thread and End Connection. Therefore, thread standards can be used to help define end connection standards. Therefore, to determine the pitch of the thread you would use your 20 and 24 pitch gauges. Though ISO and NPT threads can look similar, they can never be used together, as they have different taper angles, root and crest, threads per inch, and pitch, which would result in non-sealing fittings.


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U.S. and International Threaded Connection Standards – Dwyer Instruments Blog

Your email address will not be published. ISOis the international standard for parallel threads. Tapered threads tighten to create a higher pressure fluid type seal. Measure the thread diameter. Iis Flank Angle 2. Locate the end connections that have the tapered thread you identified. Determine the thread pitch. The seal takes place between the taper in the male fitting and flared tubing or directly on the inverted flare seat.

See pages 20 through The diameter measurement obtained in this step may not be exactly the same as the listed nominal size for the given thread. The female has a straight thread and a counterbore in the ID of the fitting to accept a gasket.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The globe seal nose may contain an O-ring.

Study the cross-section drawings for these end connections and determine which one matches your end connection. Use a caliper to measure the nominal male or female thread diameter from crest-to-crest.


See pages 26 through Measuring the Thread Diameters straight parallel. S Measure any full thread. Each end b00203, however, will generally have threads that are one of the three most common: Note that it is common to have the thread diameter for different threads listed multiple times.

At this point you know that the thread has the following characteristics: Consequently, 0b203 seal must be made with a gasket, O-ring, or some metal-to-metal contact. The male end has a straight thread and an angled shoulder.

Look across the table to find the correspon- ding pitches. Determine the thread standard.

Pipe Gauge for Precision Inspection of Tapered Male Pipe Thread (JIS B0203)

Use a caliper to measure the nominal male or female thread crest-to-crest diameter jiis the first, fourth, and last full threads. If not, try another gauge. Thread standards are usually referenced in the end connection standard.