[PDF] Htc Touch Hd T Manual Free Download PDF Book is the book you are looking for, by download PDF Htc Touch Hd T Manual. December 9th, – HTC Touch HD T Blackstone Manual User Htc T Touch HD Smartphone Pdf User Manuals View online or. User manual – HTC Touch HD User Manual ( MB); Quick start guide – HTC Touch HD Model – HTC Touch HD™ T (overseas), T (Australia).

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Page Appendix A. To add a new program channel into the Program Guide list On the YouTube screen, tap On the Search screen, enter the channel you want to add to the To set up a conference call Either put a call on hold, and mannual a second number; or, accept a second incoming call when you already have one in progress.

htc blackstone service manual

tocuh Choose either Center Area to measure light using the center area of the subject, or Average to measure light using the area around the subject. Bookmarks Tap to go back to the previous page of related videos.

Internet Sharing When you do not have Internet access on your computer, you can select this mode to use your device as a modem for your computer. These recommendations are consistent with the independent research by and recommendations of Wireless Technology Research.

If you want the signature to be added whenever you reply or forward messages, select the Use when replying and forwarding check box, then tap OK. You will be asked to enter e-mail server settings. Note If the E-mail Setup wizard was unsuccessful in finding and downloading settings from the Internet, select Internet e-mail from the Your e-mail provider list on the next screen.

Select the profile you want to use and tap OK. Chapter 11 Experiencing Multimedia Copying And Managing Files Chapter 12 Programs Chapter 12 Programs Using Letter Recognizer 4. Before you start printing, make sure to turn on the Bluetooth printer and to turn on Bluetooth on your device. In Picture Theme and Panorama modes, this shows the number of consecutive shots. Page To sign in and out Tap Sign in on the Messenger screen. In full screen mode, tap the screen to switch back.


Bluetooth is turned on. In the Programs in storage memory list, select the program you want to remove, then tap Remove. Panorama Captures a sequence of still images continuously in one direction, and allows stitching of all the images to create a panoramic view of a scenery. Showing a grid helps you frame and center your subject easily and accurately. For more information about setting up a Bluetooth partnership, see Chapter 9.

Touch and hold an empty area on a web page to open a shortcut menu that lets you go back to the previous page, reload the page, add the page as a Favorite, and more.

Page To enter punctuation and symbols Transcriber comes with an on-screen keyboard that provides an easy way to add punctuation or a special symbol to existing text. To select or create a folder where to save voice otuch By default, all recordings are saved in the My Voices folder of the device. Check missed calls You will see the icon in the title bar when you missed a call.

HTC Touch HD Manual / User Guide

After tapping 2 keys and the number you are dialing is not found in your contacts, a Save to Contacts? By default, there is only one channel in mxnual Program Guide. To reject an incoming voice call Press the END button.

Troubleshoot Sync Connection Problem Troubleshoot sync connection problem In some cases, when the computer connects to the Internet or a local network, it may disconnect the connection with your device in favor of the Internet or network connection.


To add a photo of the contact, tap Select a picture, and then select the picture file or tap Camera to take a photo of the contact. To reduce risk of fire or burns: Watching Videos To delete a program channel from the Program Guide list You can only delete program channels that you have added to the Program Guide list.

Tap the desired Wi-Fi network, then tap OK. Using Streaming Media 8.

Note You can only delete custom equalizer presets. To launch and use a program Do one of the following: Tap to switch to full screen mode.

White balance settings include: Elapsed time Tap to go back to the beginning of the video. Front panel Nd Listen to a phone call from here.


Choose whether or not to include the shooting date and time on captured photos. To use this on-screen keyboard, tap on the Transcriber toolbar. Adjusting The Volume 1. Auto-focus Depending on the Shoot Option you have chosen, you will need to either touch or touch and hold the Virtual Camera button to activate auto-focus.

To record a voice note You can create a stand-alone recording voice note or you can add a utc to a note. Select the resolution to use when taking photos or capturing videos. You can quickly switch between running programs, stop programs, and see how much program memory is being used. Organize And Search Contacts Organize and search contacts To group similar contacts 8t282 easier management, you can manial similar contacts by assigning them to categories.