Thank you for purchasing and using the general-purpose vector drive of HLP- A series. Please read carefully the operation manual before putting the drive. Thank you for purchasing and using the minidrive of HLP-C series. Please read carefully the operation manual before putting the drive to use so as to. Holip’s core product is the HLP series frequency converter, which has been widely used in Holip’s mission is to exceed market speed in its growth to become a.

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Checks upon Delivery 2. Before the Power-up 2. During the Power-up 3. During the Operation III. Standards and Specifications 1.

Precautions about Inspection and Maintenance 2. Periodical Inspection and Maintenance items 3. Fault Indication and Troubleshooting 4. Faults and Analysis XI. Selection of Peripheral Devices and Disposition 1. Introduction Thank you for purchasing and using the general-purpose inverter of HLP series of multi-functions and high performance.

Please read carefully the operation manual before putting the inverter to use so as to correctly install and operate the inverter, give full play to its functions and ensure the safety.

These semi-conductor parts are subject to the damage of high voltage. V W of the inverter. Be sure to yolip correct ground hholip of the earth terminals of the motor and the inverter for safety. The user must strictly follow the instruction to operate and make wire connection. The user will responsible for the hp themselves. HLP-A Series 5 multi-function output terminals for displaying of r unning, zero speed, Multi-Outputs counter, external abnormity, program operation and other information and warnings.

Storage and Installation 1. Storage The inverter must be kept in its original package box before installation. Pay attention to the followings when keeping it in storage if the inverter is not used for the time being: HLP-A Series board under the inverter bottom base and install nlp again.

If the inverter is installed on a loose surface, hkp may cause damage of parts in the main circuit so as to damage the inverter. Precautions on Wiring 1 For the main circuit wiring: Instruction of the Digital Operator 1. Description of the Digital Operator Note: Description of the panel type 3.

Pay special attention to the terminal of U. W; Make sure the power supply wires are connected to R. Rev Run forbidden; CD Rev. Rev Run Enable 0: Hplip Speed; Multi-output 4: Positive direction CD Higher Frequency 1: Negative direction Analog Negative Bias 0: Not allowable CD Reversed 1: Allowable AM Analog output Pumps Interlocking Time of CD 0. HLP-A Series f requency the torque compensation will lose its f unction.


When adjusting this parameter the output current of the inverter should be increased f rom low to high slowly according to the load of machines until it meets the starting requirement. HLP-A Series This is set for preventing workers f rom false operation to avoid over-heat or some other mechanical faults, which might be caused due to too low operating f requency.

For Ramp Time 2.


When restarting, the current becomes higher, and over-current or stall may occur. So attention must be paid to the adjustment of current level of f requency track. Generally, CD is adjusted around The concrete value can be set according to the characteristics of mechanical load. Set by the operator. Operating f requency is given via the digital operator. Set by external terminals. Operating f requency is controlled by analog signals input via external terminals.

When the jog button is released the inverter will stop output immediately. In case of jogging f unction please set the corresponding multi-input terminals to 07 or This f unction is only valid at stop.

It is invalid at running. For the related parameters refer to CDCD HLP-A Series of the inverter will be increased or decreased by one unit. When the switch of the terminal is hold the f requency will increase or decrease rapidly to a point and then increase or decrease Down Function at even speed.

When the power is up again af ter the power breakdown the changed f requency will not be memorized. Description of Ramp Time 1 and 2: Under the disturbance and internal control multi-speed it is hholip. Meanwhile the value will write to CD, which will be memorized af ter a power breakdown.

The contact will act when the inverter detects abnormal conditions. The contact will act when the output f requency of the inverter is less than its starting f requency. The contact will hlo when the inverter is in DC braking. Maximum Analog Voltage; I: When using transmitter for the control of pressure, temperature and others and while the control Memorized This parameter can be set for the selection of whether the values changed by the UP or DOWN shall be memorized or not af ter stop.

Multi-speed 1 and f requency are determined by CD Multi-speed 2 and holjp requency are determined by CD HLP-A Series multi-f unction terminals. One method is to set it through CD and another is to set it through the potentiometer. When CD is set to 1 the f requency of Main Frequency is set by the potentiometer. HLP-A Series be used the timer can be set to 0. Stop after the program runs one cycle. When the command of auto program operation is given, the inverter will run with each set value of internal parameters.


It will run for one cycle and then stop holjp. The inverter will not restart and run until it receives another command of operation.

Danfoss-Holip HLP-A Series Versatile Frequency Converter

Main Speed CD For. Frequency 1 CD Rev. Frequency 2 CD For. Frequency 3 CD Rev.

Inverter holip hlp-a 3.7kw 400v

Frequency 4 CD For. Frequency 5 CD For. Frequency 6 CD Rev.

Frequency 7 CD For. The parameter value is converted to a decimal value: The start or stop of the auxiliary pumps is controlled by using the multi-output contacts and Auxiliary Pump 1 or Auxiliary Pump 2 is controlled through the peripheral control circuit. Their main f unction is to increase or decrease the number of auxiliary pump. Over-voltage stall prevention invalid 1: Over-voltage stall prevention valid.

HLP-A Series inverter to increase. So when the f unction of over-voltage stall prevention is started, if the DC voltage of the inverter becomes too high, the inverter will stop decelerating till the voltage at DC decreases below the set value, then the inverter will go on to decelerate and the ramp-down time will be extended automatically.

When reaching the f requency it starts to detect over-torque and when over- torque is detected it continues to run.

The displayed value is the same as this set value. It can be used as a monitoring parameter, which is convenient to the user. When this parameter is set to any non-zero value it starts DC brake at stop and sends the DC braking time to the motor. DC braking at stop is of ten used for a high-level stop or positioning glp. If the starting mode is set to normal mode it will start according to the normal procedures. Communication Document Formats 3.