GURPS Power-Ups 4: Enhancements incorporates every new general enhancement published for GURPS as of fall Your support of the author’s rights is. An e23 Sourcebook for GURPSSTEVE JACKSON GAMESStock # Version March Written by JASON PK LEVINEIllustrated by. Enhance Your Game! Enhancements are useful tools, providing unlimited ways to modify advantages. GURPS Power-Ups 4: Enhancements adds to the.

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Treatment from one specificpower source e. The only advantage todoing so is that limitations can be added on an attack-by-attackbasis, instead of affecting allmuscle-powered attacks. She pays 20 0. Roll damage normally and apply it to your foes weapon ona successful parry by either of you; see Damage to Objects p. They may be unfair enjancements a combat-heavy game, or any game witha significant amount of slow time.

Onhe treats foes asfriends and friends as foes; onthe visions are too con-fusing and the victim just stands still, unable to act or per-form active defenses. The song reaches a two-yard radius around the performer. Either Guided or Homing. However, this suggests thatcharacters should be able to add Cosmic, Defensive, to theiractive defenses as well, enhancemehts counter Cosmic, No active defense p. This keeps the user from beingmisidentified or overlooked by his allies.

Read these as follows:: List the fragmentationdamage and type after the attacksbasic damage, in brackets e.

Note it as Decreased Immunity 0 alongwith the new effects chosen. Normally, such attacks cannottarget hit locations, but combining Malediction and SelectiveEffect makes it possible!

On a carrier attack, all forms of Cosmic raise the cost ofFollow-Up on the follow-up attack. Multiply the highest cost from step 2 by the net modi-fier from step 3 to find the cost of the modifiers. The value of this enhancement depends on the typical rangeof the advantage the longer it is, the less it costs to extend rangeto LOS.


Power-Ups 4 – Enhancements. Mental Defense Only is a penetration modifier; you can-not combine it with other penetration modifiers, such asContact Agent p.

GURPS 4e – Power Ups 4 – Enhancements.pdf

B is a 12 and his Hearing roll p. Extended Duration enhancement, Warehouse 23 offers worldbooks, supplements, and adventures, in physical and digital formats, for GURPS — as well as many of our other game lines. Aura of Power meta-enhancement, Defensive Cosmic level7. This does not allow you tomake hairpin turns at fullspeed use Cosmic, Complete maneuverability for thatbutyou can approach a point at full speed, stop and change facing,then zoom away on your next turn.

Check out the entire Power-Ups series! Any external treatment, but only if administered by a spe-cific type of person e.

Overview Table of contents This is a 25 page supplement with a 3 page pre-amble, and a 3 page summary table, and a 1 page index, giving us 18 pages of enbancements.

Note that combat usually requires sudden turns and hasmanyhazards; unless you also 44 Cosmic, Complete maneuver-ability, you fnhancements be making a lot of control rolls! Finally, every existing enhancement is sum-marized in a convenient table, where the old ones are alsorated as above, so the GM knows which ones mandate caution.

If damage exceeds DR, they make an opening largeenough to step through. It is split into two chapters, the first 8 page chapter covers the substance of enhancements and goes over existing ones, and the second 10 page chapter is a list of brand new enhancements. List the damage you can do for eachmode of weapon use,including the amount and the damage type. For step 1, because attacks have Acc 3 by default,this requires the Accurate 6 enhancement.


Alarum31 points for level 1, plus 5 pointsfor each additional levelAllies affected by Alarum are inspired to strike down foesbrutally andwith relish. Dirge Baneful Song, 5. Switchable isnt permitted onmeta-traits, either. I think the title is a bit misleading because a lot of these enhancements aren’t strictly new, but the text for eenhancements classic standbys seems further expounded upon in helpful ways.

If range falls between two values on the table below, usethe lesser value e. Roll 1d at the ehancements each of the victims turns.

GURPS Power-Ups 4: Enhancements (PDF Version) | RPG Item Version | RPGGeek

AP AmmoYou can fire armor-piercing rounds instead of normal ones. As well, Cosmic pp. If you enhance an active defense, you must also enhanceany levels of Enhanced Defenses you add to that defense.

Those who fail to resist suffer -3 to ST and DXfor the duration, penalizing attack and damage rolls. I think the chapter does a good job of tackling some of the more weird but common edge cases with discrete examples for discrete problems, but I would have liked a bit more conversation to abstract holistic solutions to problems.

Subjectively, some of the new enhancements are pretty good, and some are a bit of a meh, but that’s typical.

If he fails, the aura drops; on any subsequent turn, hemay pay 1 FP, take a Concentrate maneuver, and make a Willroll to bring it back up. If you can switch around your enhancements, but haveto choose from a fixed list, see Selectivity p.