ArcheryGB / GNAS · Weather Beckenham The main reference on the calculation of the handicap tables is: “The Construction of the Graduated Handicap Tables for Target Archery”, David Lane, Sep Earlier papers, written before. This archery handicap calculator allows you to obtain the handicaps of different scores for a given category, round, and bowstyle, for the UK handicap system. 11/14/06 mackrick. Does anyone know if it is possible to get hold of an elctronic copy of the GNAS Handicap tables? Sign in to reply. 11/14/06 Austin Shackles.

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If you come across any errors, missing rounds, or think something isn’t quite right, please send an email and we’ll get it sorted out as soon as possible! The time now is The allowance is the archers handicap score for the round subtracted from The category and age group you compete in do not have an effect on what the handicap for a particular score is although the same is not true for classifications. By way of example, a handicap of 23 on a National round gets an allowance of points to be added to the actual score achieved by the archer.

Handicaps allow archers to compare their performance between different rounds, and track their improvement over a season.

This gives an gnws to those archers that start slowly, but finish strongly. There are also some competitions which use a handicap-adjusted score, which allow archers with a wide range of ability to compete against each other. Extended range, to include most maximum scores and some lower scores.

Sign up for a free day trial of the system gnass the buttons on the right! So in theory everyone should end up onunless they shoot better or worse than their handicap. Calculating a handicap is the same for both indoors and outdoors and requires the use of the GNAS tables. Your club secretary may also be able to give you further guidance. Once you achieve a classification you cannot go back and claim a lower one.


The standard handicap tables are based on 18xx arrows which are 7. The basic form of of handicap competition works well within a club, each archers handicap is used to work out an allowance for the round being shot which is then added to their actual score. You can hold different classifications for different bow types, but you can only hold your classification for the calendar year in which you shot your qualifying scores. Many clubs have a handicap officer, who you can speak with for further information.

Or failing to buy the copyright when it was offered to GNAS.

Handicap Tables

An txbles with a handicap of 68 shoots a round with a handicap of 61 which is more than 2 points better and averaged together and rounded up becomes a 65 handicap. The system has two main uses. Last Jump to page: The calculated handicap will appear below Using the “non-standard round” last entry in the drop down list you can work out the handicap for each distance shot to find out if you have a weaker distance that you need to practice.

The lower the handicap the better the archer. Your club’s records officer will keep track of the handicaps of all of the rounds you shoot throughout a year, and tablees what is called your continuous assessment handicap. Handicaps in Competition Handicaps can be used to enable archers of all standards to compete equally against each other.


If the archer has shot at least three rounds in the previous hables then the new handicap is the average of the best three rounds in the previous season, rounded up to the nearest whole number. Sign up for the latest news Get all the latest news from Archery GB. I am ordering the green book but I could really do with the tables sooner rather than later. This end of season assessment handicap becomes your starting handicap for gmas next season you do not have to handdicap again by shooting three scores first.

Score for a National round of gives a handicap of The handicap system is a way of adjusting scores to a baseline so that archers with different levels of experience can compete on an equal footing. Bookmarks Bookmarks Google Facebook Twitter.

Classification & Handicaps – Archery GB

First, handicaps can help you gauge your handjcap. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. The archery handicap gnsa has three uses: If an archer shoots 3 outdoor rounds with handicaps of 64, 70 and 69 then the initial handicap is 68 being the average of those three handicaps.

This method cannot be used for handicap reduction, however. Tables for non-standard rounds can easily be calculated and some rounds eg Frostbite, Burntwood and the new metric rounds for juniors have already been added. It helps archers to monitor their progress Enables scores to be compared between different rounds. I did not know they were copyrighted.