Gaston. (). William Saroyan. (August 31, – May 18, ). Notes. This short story was first published in The Atlantic Monthly in The significance of William Saroyan’s short story “Gaston” is that it shows the importance of judging people by their inner qualities instead of their outward. Gaston by William Saroyan. William Saroyan was an American dramatist and author. His characters are always simple and not very happy as a.

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Please sign in and confirm your date of birth in your profile so we can verify your eligibility. Jennifer rated it really liked it Jul 24, The short story collection My Name is Araman international bestseller, was about a young boy and the colorful characters of his immigrant family. The girl tells her a story about a creature from the peach named Gaston, which interested her, but mom just replied: What a Girl Wants. And this is a story that confirms that very old, very basic, and very humble wish.

He gives her freedom of choice. Yvette added it Feb 15, Amy Peoples marked it as to-read Feb 10, Just in the way he jumps at the fact she wants a bad peach.

Notice that many words in the story are offered with new, unconventional, or complex meanings. Many of Saroyan’s stories were based on his childhood experiences among the Armenian-American fruit growers of the San Joaquin Valley, or dealt with the rootlessness of the immigrant.

Analysis of Gaston W. Saroyan

His arms were covered with the same hair, only it was a little lighter and thinner. Five years later, the family reunited in Fresno, where his mother, Takoohi, secured work at gason cannery.


The most important thing is what her mother wants, not what she wants. He wore blue slicks, but no shoes and socks instead He was barefoot. X Lihat profil lengkapku.

Is look the same as examine? The father and daughter plays an important role in this story. The atmosphere of the story is rather pathetic. In short, she wants not to cry. How many different terms are used to describe Gaston?

KWILAYE: “Gaston,” by William Saroyan, Short Story Analysis/Response, April 6,

Samantha marked it as to-read Mar 29, They were attached to a kind of brown knob-head, which followed the feelers, wilpiam then two large legs took a strong grip on the edge of the cavity and hoisted some of the rest of whatever it was szroyan of the seed, and stopped there a moment, as if to look around. She is very old, especially for a young girl of six; a preschooler who has learned already to cry inside By that time, Saroyan had been living mostly in Paris for three years.

A story about a father and daughter spending time together over a peach and a little bug named Gaston. Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University. For more info see http: At the age of three, after his father’s death, Saroyan was placed in the orphanage in Oakland, California, together with his brother and sister, an experience he later described in his writing.

Armen Markossyan rated it really liked it May 30, Beatriz Alves marked it as gastin Dec 12, As the story continues she ends up squashing the bug after the conversation with her mother. What has happened to that word or concept?

After close reading the story and considering its diction, setting, characters, dialog, plot, tone, contradictions, repetitions and other characteristics, what themes, issues or concerns do you see the story dwelling upon? What are some denotations and connotations for peach? Viola Astorga marked it as to-read Aug 25, If his daughter wanted something to eat or get he gets them all for his daughter just like the normal fathers in this world.


How do the descriptions change throughout the story?

He makes up a lot of foolishness about it. They meet each other not very often. Gaston just a simple bug in a bad peach ends up to be so much more than that without a home. Return to Book Page.

Wliliam does he live?

The girl changes her mind to the same in that moment despite the fact that she was agreed with her dad for the first time. Irene marked it gadton to-read Jan 24, Jacklynn rated it it was amazing Mar 13, Who uses which terms, and are they consistent in using them?

January rated it it was amazing Jan 10, Obitwone Kanobi marked it as to-read Oct 05, Dec 20, Alberto rated it liked it. Maddie Mcbride is currently reading it Feb 08, Sharon Ankner is currently reading it Oct 20, When the daughter realizes how useless and wrong he is, he is put out of his misery quickly. Rocco Isenberg marked it as to-read Sep 13, It is a story about loss.