unique staffing choices. In this lesson, you’ll learn about ethnocentric staffing, regiocentric staffing and geocentric staffing. A short quiz follows. Ethnocentrism is pre- dominantly a home country orientation. Ethnocentric Polycentric Regiocentric Geocentric Management orientation. EPRG model, sometimes called also EPG model, is used in the international marketing. It was introduced by Perlmutter (). The strategy of.

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For international recruitment, especially on foreign soil, organizations generally use manpower agencies or consultants with international connections and repute to source candidates, in addition to the conventional sources.

The selection criteria for international jobs usually revolve around the five core areas of behaviour, attitudes, skills, motivation and personality. Understandably, the company must keep international knowledge and experience as criteria in the recruitment and selection process.

EPG model – Wikipedia

Then the database is analysed for choosing the best and most suitable persons for global assignments and this process is called technical skills assessment. The primary purpose Ethnocentric polycentric geocentric regiocentric handing over the management to the local people is to ensure that the company understands the local market conditions, political scenario, cultural and legal requirements better.

Ethnocentric approach Countries with branches in foreign countries have to decide how to select management level employees. Positions polycntric high position such as Senior management will be employed from geocentricc home country of the business. Natives of European countries are used to manage the Italian subsidiary. A spokesperson for Hero MotoCorp said several experts have joined the company of late.

The EPG Model

Tripathi cites non-availability of local talent for critical roles as the reason for the increase in expat hiring. The survey was done among 27, expats from countries and territories, including India, through an online questionnaire in March-April If Commonwealth Bank Australia decides to set up their operations in China. If Commonwealth Bank Australia decides to expand into China, they would employ staff from the China Labour Force to fill out positions at the lower end of the heirachical structure and bring Australian Staff from Australia Geocentric- It is when the business employs the best person for the job regardless of ethnicity and place of residence.


Hong Kong was found to be the best country in Asia to acquire new skills with 62 per cent women expats opting for it, closely followed by Singapore at 61 per cent, China at 47 per cent, Taiwan at 44 per cent and Vietnam at 43 per cent. The survey found Singapore to be the best place to improve earning prospects with 71 per cent women expats choosing the country, followed by Hong Kong at 55 per cent, China at 45 per cent, South Korea at 44 per cent and Vietnam at 42 per cent.

The overseas entities send in their representatives from various departments to share best practices being followed by various entities all over the globe.

The geocentric approach uses Ihe best available managers for a business without regard for their country of origin.

In the next stage, the employee database is prepared according to the manpower requirement of the company for international operations.

Ethnocentric staffing means to hire management that is of same nationality of parent company.

Since we are talking in the context of business, we will be talking about business ethics and corporate social When a company follows the strategy of choosing only from the citizens of the parent country to work in host nations, it is called anethnocentric approach.

However, such a strategy will be difficult to execute and will require significant resources such as human resources and other financial resources. For certain professions, there is a dearth of talent in the country. An Reglocentric alien may work for any petitioning U.

Ethnocentric, Polycentric, Regiocentric, and Geocentric Approaches

Although the managers operate relatively independently in the region, they are not normally moved to the company headquarters. The HR department must have the capacity to foresee the changes in these markets and exploit those changes productively. Ethnocentric, Geocentric and Polycentric Essay three primary models of international marketing that address the marketing mix include ethnocentric, geocentric and polycentric.


Each have unique characteristics that could make or break a company. It is Ethnocentric, Polycentric, Regiocentric and Geocentric. Ethnocentric, Geocentric, and Polycentric In: Business and Management Submitted Geocentrjc sean Words Most Multinational corporations have a strategic predisposition when it comes to doing things in other cultures, ethnocentric, polycentric, Regiocentric, and geocentric. A company with an ethnocentric predisposition allows the values and the.

Can someone please explain ethnocentric, polycentric geocentric Ethnocentric, Polycentric and Geocentric are a global business’s staffing system. Ethnocentric – It is when a global business situated overseas, employs staff members from their home country of the global business.

Ethnocentric approach is a staffing policy that is used in companies that has primarily international strategic orientation. While polycentric maintains employees from the same area, ethnocentric is generally adopted by headquarters by sending employees from. Essay Ethnocentric, Geocentric and Polycentric. Menu Ubuntu 13 10 features of academic writing Sba personal financial statement form Joined up handwriting alphabet.

Ethnocentric polycentric geocentric regiocentric For international recruitment, especially regiocejtric foreign soil, organizations generally use manpower agencies or consultants with international connections and repute to source candidates, in addition to the conventional sources.

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