The Microchip Technology Inc. 27C64 is a CMOS 64K bit (electrically) Programmable Read Only Memory. The device is organized as 8K words. 27C64 64k (8k X 8) CMOS EPROM FEATURES. High speed performance ns access time available CMOS Technology for low power consumption 20 mA. 27C64 EPROM Datasheet, 27C64 64K EPROM Datasheet, buy 27C

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Glad you are feeling a bit more comfortable, i have hurt my back before and i know just what it feels like. It would be useful to note this because you may be able to use it to calculate new channel frequencies.

I have attached a small portion of the instructions that were included in the manual regarding the odd way the data is entered to complete the Eprom. Bin Eprom file that we have been discussing? PNP transistor not working 2.

27C64 – 27C64 64K EPROM Datasheet

I worded that badly, not sure now what info i need so that the Eprom can decide which output lines to pull low Ground Apologies. This makes it easy, you can directly use the channel number as epprom EPROM address and at that address put the binary number of the output you want. Bin file itself as this is what i use to burn the Eproms but will wait to see if you think this will work the way eorom should before i attempt to complete eptom file. There will be a “no mans land” zone at and possibly around the 2.

This is exactly what is required, epron Thumbwheel switches generate the line states from a Numerical setting 01,02,- 99, etc and the module displays these on the 7 seg Leds and switches the output lines to match, controlling the Radio Modules. Thanks for clearing up the mystery of the Address lines, i have a Hex editor attached to the Eprom Programming software that allows me to enter data at specific locations so hopefully i am on the right track now.

Choosing IC with EN signal 2.

Apologies for the long first post but if anyone could point me the right direction as to how to create this file i would be most grateful before i wear out my UV Eraser or the Spare Eproms i have been using to test 27d64 files Regards.


There will be gaps in the contents of the EPROM so don’t worry if there are empty addresses you don’t use.

Programming File for eprpm Eprom Hello, Was wondering if someone that has had some experience in creating a BIN or HEX file suitable for a 27C64 Eprom could point me in the right direction re creating a file that would allow the above Epom to control the output of its data lines D0 – D7 so that it will switch the lines either high or Low i.


By the way, i rechecked my data file for sprom 27c64 eprom and you were correct, the Logic 1 state is 2. The problem is knowing where to stop, not where to start! If you think this is correct i will go ahead and load the File onto a new Eprom and see how we go but i thought i might check with you first. In other words anything higher than 2.

27C64 EPROM Datasheet

You have cleared up a 27v64 of my confusion over this and have given me a Good place to start, epprom to do some serious study. Heat sinks, Part 2: Thanks again for your time, Regards, Chris S.

Equating complex number interms of the other 6. I’m more or less upright again now so eporm with the work! Turn on power triac – proposed circuit analysis 0. Dec 248: KRF4A 27c64 clone programming. Bin files i have seen before. The radio module Eprom is working correctly as i can manually select the Channels via the 8 pin Dip switch and they follow the Dip Switch codes from the manual. Would it be possible for you to take a quick look and tell me where, looking at the diagram i would enter the data to have “01” selected on the Push Buttons and have “DO” pin 11 pulled low on the Eprom output?

How do you get an MCU design to market quickly? It that is the case, and if the radio is working at the moment, I suggest you note the voltages on the EPROM outputs for each channel number you select. I have a circuit Diagram of the unit and the input to the Eprom is already there with the BCD switching done by a pair of chips. Similar Threads Eprom programming help 8. Dec 242: ModelSim – How to force a struct type written in SystemVerilog?


Not sure what you mean by “input states of the Eprom data lines”, the data lines are the outputs. I am using “Eprom45” buffer to generate the.

If I understand what you want, you have known input lines states and you want to convert them to different output line states by using the EPROM as a look-up table. Programming File for 27C64 Eprom It’s a strange system, if if the date is difficult to read it was well into the era of microprocessors so using so much discrete logic seems a bit eprok.

BTW – epom back is much better thanks.

I’m suspicious of the maximum voltage for logic 1 being 2. Each of the 4 bit patterns is translated to a single hexadecimal character like this: You will see distinctly different voltages on the pins and they will almost certainly be very close to 0V or 5V. Logic probes are usually designed to respond to very short pulses that a DVM would probably miss but in your radio the signals are DC anyway so they should give the same result.

Then for each input state, write the output state you need, this is what the EPROM should produce on it’s data lines. Programming File for 27C64 Eprom Thanks Brian, I am still having trouble getting a Correct Eprom image that will work correctly combining the Channel change module and the radio Module.

I don’t know if this is correct and would be very grateful if you could point out any mistakes in my file as it does not look like any. I have printed out your reply and will study it tonight in detail when i can concentrate on it fully.

Measure the voltages on all the Address lines and write down whether they are high or low as a binary number, for eprrom Digital multimeter appears to have measured voltages lower than expected.