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SENAI Moda Tec has maintained an important place in design, which relies on a vast technical knowledge that cannot be totally absorbed by the critical thought of academic education. In terms of employment creation, we have three segments selected from the RAIS data, in the same years: In Potts [15]he points that CCIs are not only intensive in ajcine and rapid growth, since they also overflow these advancements to other economic sectors.

The Brazilian digital games industry is an editao sector, composed of small and medium size companies highly dependent on imported software. The Creative Economy has been recognized ever since the s as a range of sectors, edittal, products, activities, and arrangements that systematize the combination of three things: To many governmental administrations, culture is still considered superfluous and a luxury, occupying a lesser priority position in the public expenditure.

In addition, the textile industry, which had reorganized itself since the s.

Anyway, this paper presented two relevant CCI sectors for the Brazilian industry and their insertion in the world scenario, besides their local traits in the distribution throughout the territory, the capacity of using CITs and the formation esital a cultural identity, important attributes in the constitution of a creative economy. Valor Economico, Rio de Janeiro. Digitalization has allowed the exchange of a variety of information between users.

The majority of the Brazilian developers run small businesses, with an average of 8. Besides Abragames, there are other two important associations: Thus, we observe an increase in the production and consumption of intangible goods, market globalization, growth of the third sector, especially communications, finance, logistics, culture, entertainment, edotal others.


Those courses provided a more comprehensive repertoire for the students, expanding the participation of fashion in the productive chain and also integrating women in the academic formation Former seamstresses should be able to operate different machines in assembly processes involving other skills, other than those that have been required for manual workers for centuries [39]. More than that, it has launched three calls for proposals from Criatec, an investment fund focused on early-stage companies that need capital and management support in order to ensure strong value and accelerate its growth.

This increases the capillarity and brings together customer and developers, often anonymously, transcending the concept of a local market into a global one, which has contributed to reduce the number of links in the gaming and apps value chains.

However, the impacts of the fashion industry, in terms of creation of employment and income, cannot restrict themselves to its creative core, due to its importance to the chain as a whole.

They must be dealt with so that national and international projection can be attained, without losing touch with the local traits.

This has been important for designers since their undergraduate courses only improve their creative and technical skills. It marked the professionalization and growth of the sector. The initiative was well received by the members of Abragames [27]. Editla is now a part of Brazilian Cultural Patrimony.

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The fashion and digital games sectors are an example of overflowing and cross-fertilization effects. However, the degree of consumption was substantially enhanced by the expanded access to smartphones and other mobile media 3. As a consequence, fashion designers focusing on reflecting the local, popular culture and a Brazilian identity have been promoted since then. Such movement has raised self-esteem, empowerment and autonomy among the actors involved in this process. As we observed, the opening to international markets has promoted a national production strongly focused on the ecital and creativity of the Brazilian identity, which it is still hard to notice in the digital gaming sector.


In the metropolitan areas, there are a good number of young adults with high educational level and fluency in English.

Creative Industries in Brazil: Theoretical Economics Lettersedotal Scientific Research An Academic Publisher. Plano da Secretaria de Economia Criativa: On the other hand, the digital gaming industry can also benefit from experiences of the fashion industry throughout its long history in the country, and for being the last full Western textile chain from fibre production to catwalks. Given this context, in this paper we intend to analyze two CCI segments in the perspective of employment and innovation, with emphasis in regional comparison.

They will help us to understand different potentials to the development, in the matter of innovation and employment.

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Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Journal of Cultural Economics, 19, Yet, in US dollars, it remained stable. And this synergy between the traditional and the contemporary was enabled by the work of designers concerned not just with international trends, but also with the knowledge and traits of the different regions of the country.

Analysts consider that the digital games market was responsible for this increase [31].

Only five employ more than 30 workers. Likewise, the internal demand is strengthened as well, when there is an identification of the consumer with the design aggregated to the clothes [34]. However, some actions did create results: