Counterpoint has ratings and reviews. Aoife said: First of all: this book had actually good things. The author cleary tried to write not your t. Crescendo (Song of the Fallen) (Volume 2) by Rachel Haimowitz Paperback $ Start reading Counterpoint (Song of the Fallen Book 1) on your Kindle in. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Nice world-building and well-crafted characters bring this Counterpoint (Song of the Fallen Book 1) by [Haimowitz, Rachel].

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When I finished this book, my reaction was, “Hmmmmm.

Counterpoint by Rachel Haimowitz

It’s completely feasible that after time the two races could come together but counterrpoint was way too quick. They felt so real to me to the point that I could imagine myself standing haijowitz there looking in on the scenes. May 01, Lori K rated it really liked it. It does not take very long until the freshly forged connection is tested to the very extreme — by a threat that could destroy them all.

I just finished Power Play, you and Cat did an amazing haimowiitz I loved ever word of it. Can’t wait to read your books about “shiny elves”: I’m invested enough to hope it works out, but only if Freyrik lives up to his aforementioned potential. However, I never forgot about the book.


Smashwords – Counterpoint – A book by Rachel Haimowitz – page 1

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. The fantasy world is a major focus and well crafted with a solid, tightly plotted story. I had fully bought into Ayden’s character as he was presented in the first half: No background information was provided at all, and there was virtually no set-up.

View all 25 comments. Freyrik explains that the punishment for theft counterpoiht not always death but this men had stolen rations that they kept for the case of a siege, meaning he had stolen from the most vulnerable. You might remember that I reviewed the audio book for ‘Counterpoint’ the first book in this duology about a month ago and I loved it The two of them have some nice interchanges and challenge each other to think throughout the book.

View all 10 comments. The concept of the story is not counterpoing novelty. I, for one, am quite grateful the world was so detailed. Ayden is your typical snobbish hippie-elf of the ‘I counterpoibt at one with nature and I will suffer if I cannot breath the fresh air’-type.

Sep 28, Forced to succumb to his lust, but eventually starting to care for the man. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews.


Don’t waste the time to conquer the humans and couhterpoint them. He’s had ample time to build a stronger barrier; years of hatred. Dec 24, So go out and read it!!! During our Book of the Month poll approvals will be delayed until after the poll. Hard as Stone by Rory Ni Coileain.


Crescendo Song of the Fallen, 2 3. Song of the Fallen 2 books. They demand justice for the lives of the sixteen soldiers whom Ayden killed during his capture. Yeah that would I skimmed the end of this book, something I just don’t do. There’s probably an interesting world behind the stupidity but we aren’t given that we’re just given the stupidity.

Published July 10th by Guiltless Pleasure Publishing.

This was so very vivid. Counterpoiht they came together despite themselves and the wills of their peoples, joining hearts and minds to fight a race of Dark Beasts threatening the extinction of mankind. It makes me curious about how inaccurate our own histories are. Instead I’ll say the whole build up for the elf nation is anticlimactic.