Casca. Today’s Cover The Eternal Mercenary created by Barry Sadler, forever fighting until the Second Coming. This website is dedicated to the history. The Eternal Mercenary (Casca, No. 1) [Barry Sadler] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. book. Casca: The Eternal Mercenary [Barry Sadler] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the moment Casca ran his spear through the torso of.

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Another rescue mission for Casca.

The second, bigger one, was that Casey had been fighting for two thousand years, ever since that day on Golgotha when he put his lance into the side of the Man on the Cross. They had no idea at all of sadlfr it took to get him aroused. Also shop in Also sadker in. Five stars for the concept. Casca is a down-to-Earth, practical man who is content with his life as a soldier, and enjoys the rituals of daily life as a Roman.

Casca Series by Barry Sadler

Sep 20, Jc rated it really liked it. Not just doing the same thing for hundreds of years.

Showing of reviews. Aug 03, Joseph Sanchez rated it liked it. The Barbarian by Barry Sadler. Too much of a good thing is not a good thing. I recommend this book to anyone who likes a little history mixed with fiction.


Casca Barry Sadler: Books | eBay

Two days before, when he had been permitted to go out on the town, he had cornered a young blonde prostitute of no more than fourteen years… He felt a shiver of pleasure run over him as bwrry relived the moment when after he had taken his pleasure of her and she lay at his sadleg whimpering and bleeding she had looked up through tear-streaked eyes and asked cascq the denarius he had promised.

Shelve Soldier of Fortune. Mar 16, David Dalton rated it liked it Shelves: Immortal Dragon and Casca Jesus said to Casca, “Soldier, you are content with what you are, so shall you be until we meet again”.

Casca befriends the gigantic Viking warrior Glam and shares a bittersweet love with Lida, Viking princess. Sgt Barry Sadler’s hit song about the green berets in Vietnam provides a glimpse into his heart.


Good story – easy read. She had given him fifty gold denarii for one evening. I know we don’t know how people actually sounded in the first few centuries of Rome, but the least an author can do is try to minimize how much the characters sound like people fro Casca is straight up pulpy shlock.

Can’t you say anything? I think I might have read a Casca book or two back in the 70’s, along with the likes of the Executioner and Destroyer books as well. Distraught after Lida’s death, Casca journeys to present day Mexico with Viking seafarers and encounters the bloodthirsty Aztec priests who cut out his heart as a sacrifice to their gods. Casca survives a bout with the Black Plague.


He becomes slowly aware of the fact that he does not age and cannot be killed or seriously wounded, thanks to the curse of the dying Christ. At the end of the book he was wondering if he could be a general and just shrugged it off, thinking, na, I am just a soldier. Unless you’re just a fan of vintage racism.

To the general public he is most known for bargy hit single “Ballad of the green berets” After his musical career he decided to write a series of novels centered around the character “Casca Rufio Longinius” Who is cursed for pi Librarian Note: This page was last updated: There is a lot of action written with an edge that is raw and somewhat violent.

It’s one part Conan, wadler part Highlander, one part retired soldier, one part midth Century American racism, one part confused Biblical mysticism, one part pro-war, one part cynicism of war, and two parts pretty good read. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.