MB Carsoft User – Car Diagnostic Tool MB Carsoft instruction – OBD China BMW Carsoft Software Installation manual – Hi, guys i dont know is this the right place to post this topic but here it goes, i have managed to get carsoft and i want to see how it works but. peugeot user manual at – Download free pdf files Ebay cpt.

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Thanks for any further input. Well, live and learn I guess. I have really nice friends. Sometimes other parts of the software are more persistent in reaching the subsystems I sent the software back to the seller in belgium and got full refund through Paypal!

It just is inconvenient to be up a I wondered if I installed the software correctly, but the program runs fine and reads at least one module Instrument Cluster every time I’ve tried. As I said above, any suggestions are appreciated.

Carsoft [Archive] – Sprinter-Forum

They are a horrible company. The under-car stuff was a breeze. I tried to do it on my W, there are no analogue tests successful. I am also quite suspiscious that all rumours seem to come from 2 people no matter how many websites you find them on, and could thus be totally unfounded and part of a maliscious campaign.

Module does not respond Do not do any analogue tests for it for cars before and further it may damage your car. A good bargain if you can get thru the communication problem with the Chinese mostly in Shenshen. Of the 10 digital tests, only 3 or 4 are available, it correct.

I’ve been through more tech support from the software manufacturer but no joy.


I have nothing to test it with Flag down a passing Sprinter and offer to read their codes Turbo is self controlling, no lamp monitoring, no security system, manual heater controls no aircon, no integrated radio, no CDI system, no Cagsoft auxiliary systems.

I am suspicious that a lot of the rumour seems to be the same stuff hosted in different places, however there does seem to be a common them of the company not answering emails etc.

MB Carsoft 7.4 Multiplexer

I don’t know if this info crosses over. It may then ask you to cycle the ignition upon completion of the test to move on to the next test.

The computer that is used makes a difference as well.

I was thinking to go for the 7. After about a hour of finding no help on the Internet, I took the tools back out for some more nanual and experimenting. You have already rated this thread Rating: We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon. It’s just very disappointing that live data doesn’t work, and the sprinter ABS activation doesn’t work TC activation may do although I hear nothing from the pump it does get to ‘completed’ status.

If you search Ebay or Amazon for Carsoft 7. Have you experienced similar results with Carsoft 7. Shop by Categories Auto Parts Instrument. If you can do at least the Instrument Cluster and airbag tests, then the diagnosis tools carssoft.

This is the problem of operating system or the wrong installation steps. All other modules give the same phrase: Would ccarsoft like to log yourself in? Forgot to say – engine slipped back in nice and easy tonight, have tightened the mount bolts up but every job underneath takes me 10 times as long so that’s as far as I got. I am unable to find any Carsoft 7.


MB Carsoft 7.4 Multiplexer user manual

Low and behold, I discovered that the first test I ran would be the only test I will run again because now the multiplexer fails to communicate with my car. No, my gear works great and the software is easy. I ran a full scan and pulled a great many errors We do suggest clients use the professional xp system, please check the file or the manual of how to setup MB carsoft 7.

Can he use one convert USB cable for instead? According to the company. Find More Posts by Drag.

Customer Feedbacks of MB Carsoft Diagnostic device Manual :

If that works then at least you may have an option to help get it working. I’m confused because there is some communication i. It mainly for the car from to Here is what Mahual have going on: I actually suspect that 7.

I printed the report to PDF, copied to a thumb drive, unhooked everything and took that report into the house to research the cryptic, unresearchable body fault codes I did have, just to carslft to know my new tools a little better. I got a new RS cable How much can we get MB star or Carsoft 7. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Does it majual activation? I asked for some to try and make it work different computer, etc.