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I actually really loved the flashbacks to when she first came to live with him. Too much attraction too soonand it sounds like incest. Read the author’s profile at Goodreads and it’s rather disturbing how she liked her heroes to have the ability to rape. However, personal preferen Please check out my review of this book and other books at: Come on, after being raped and him being so bossy, vioolet. Violet died at January after a long battle with cancer.

Well I asked for it by not finding out more about the author before buying 5 or 6 of bewitchfd books from Thriftbooks. Who gets a painter to come make a portrait of his wife?

They argue and he then forces live upon her. Nov 07, LastBreath rated it did not like it Shelves: I think bewihched descriptions of loving the girl that was so young and lost was very well written Generally speaking, I found Dinah’s responses reasonable, even her conflicted emotions regarding Jason. I do not like the heroine, though, because she does seem a little petty with her big dreams of working at a department store and silly, unstable mind of believing gossipers.

Oh yes – one final irk.

By Love Bewitched

Hero agrees to give heroine a divorce if she leaves the child with him. Did she just get bored with her stories and just end them with a whimper instead of a bang?


Jan 10, Ny marked it as wishlist. They argue and he then forc I read the first 30 pages and then skim read to the end.

Dinah’s 9 years old when she come and stay under Jason’s wait, does the name right? This is one of those books. Basically, I didn’t find it terribly romantic. This book will definitely creep out most readers as it gives out vibes of pedophiles grooming their childish targets not to mention plenty of non-con and dub-con scenes between the two protagonists.

To find romance out of forced sex is a stretch for me. But right before she left him, he forced himself to her and now she’s pregnant. She wrote from her home in the south-east England, that she never left, but she meticulously researched her far-flung settings at the local library.

Mar 06, bookjunkie rated it it was ok Shelves: Mostly the heroine berating the hero childishly.

Her constant winspeae on her looks and the deprecating comments about wearing glasses was absurd. Here we have all brwitched untied threads regarding an OM a rather romantic painter who is obviously besotted with his muse, the heroine, and hints at all sorts of drama surrounding the unveiling of his portrait of her, which we NEVER get around to and an OW a woman who plunged to her death while driving on the windy road leading to the hero’s rather isolated mansion, and the heroine then morbidly chooses to clothe herself in one of the dead woman’s dresses, leading to a violent confrontation bewitcheed the hero and so it was really a let down that VW chose to end the story on a rather flimsy HEA triggered by another of those convenient Harlequin life or death experiences that bring two otherwise brutally antagonistic protagonists together in a lovey dovey reunion.

Gee, you bewktched being raped and impregnated by your father figure then forced to marry and live with him might just spoil your mood? Jan 08, Sultry Steamy Reading rated it it was ok. The thing about fiction is that you don’t always agree with what is done or what you read about, but at the same time, you can enjoy a book and get something out of reading it.


By Love Bewitched : Violet Winspear :

I guess it helps that Jason always loved Dinah while she had a crush on him as the older male figure And this book has rape, lve forced seduction. She grows up as jason’s ward. So I dint like it much. However, personal preferences aside, I do have to admit that the characters were consistent. It seems our heroine is not your average HP bewitcyed queen.

Instead he forces her to get married in the name of the child. However, personal preferences aside, I do have to admit that the characters were consistent.

Plus she’s holding a grudge bewitcyed he got her pregnant and now she has to be married to him until the baby is born. Interestingly, she railed against the work of authors such as Harold Robbins.

Jan 20, Tia rated it liked it. Apr 24, Leona rated it it was ok Shelves: Aug 02, Ivolet rated it it was ok. Lists with This Book. There’s always this threat of him doing it again She was really hateful, stupid and ungrateful so I just couldn’t blame the H. He raped, chased, and controlled her with all the smothering singlemindedness of a basement-dungeon sicko.