METHODOLOGY FOR BRICK BAT COBA (Water Drain Out System). SR. DESCRIPTION. 1 SURFACE PREPARATION. Cleaning the existing the RCC surface. Brick Bat Coba (BBC) is believed to be a waterproofing and BBC and other traditional methods like Mud Fuska or lime terracing are still being. BRICK-BAT-COBA TREATMENT. Surface Preparation. Cleaning the surface from dust, mortar splashes loose materials etc to get a sound concrete surface.

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Why Brick Bat Coba Not the Correct Method for Terrace Waterproofing?

Water — How to do more with less Sawdust March 22, Also, art of laying brick bat coba requires specialized skill and non-availability of manpower having this skillset is also meghod reason for the decline of this conventional method of waterproofing.

Similarly, brick bat coba too may disappear from roofs not because of scarcity of bricks but due to other reasons.

If we have advance options definitely should go for new modern and better techniques. These gaps are filled with cement sand mortar, in 1: Brick bat coba is a method to provide coab for thermal comfort and waterproofing treatment to prevent leakage of water in case of RCC roofs.


Work Method Statement for Various Types of Waterproofing. – Civil4M

This is one of the oldest methods of waterproofing which was adopted by many when we moved towards flat roof construction. This is also one of the main reasons for you not seeing this waterproofing system on many terraces nowadays. Advent of more efficient and easy to use and install water proofing methods are the main reasons for brick bat coba lose its prominence in waterproofing industry. Before laying brick bats having an average thickness of about mm, about 70 mm near rain water pipe and mm at ridge are soaked overnight in water.

Stone age did not come to an end because of scarcity of stones.

As an alternative, some embed broken tile or ceramic pieces in the plastic mortar which is often methkd china mosaic. Lot of disadvantages also of brick bat coba.

This method involves laying lightweight mortar on the roof and spreading it to give gentle slopes for draining away the rainwater immediately.


This method was also preferred because of its efficiency in keeping the interiors cool. Arch consultant required for Patna software park project Sasikala Raje December 31, Art of laying brick bat coba requires specialized skill and non-availability of manpower having this skillset is also the reason for metbod decline of this conventional method of waterproofing.

The gaps between the brick bats are generally kept between 15 and 20 mm.

Once laid, brick bat coba can last at least 15 years if done by skillful applicators. October 23, at 3: Chitra October 23, at 3: