: Notes on the Cinematographer (Green Integer) (): Robert Bresson, Jonathan Griffin, J.M.G. Le Clezio: Books. Notes on. Cinematography. Robert Bresson. Translated by Jonathan Griffin. Urizen Books As will become clear, “cinematography” for Bresson has the special. Notes on the Cinematographer has ratings and reviews. Mariel said: Robert Bresson Notes on the Cinematographer is my philosophy book or self-he.

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Pretty useless restrictions, I thought what did any of it have to do with telling a good story? I liked that idea of it coming about again just by getting used to it and no longer thinking about what you are doing.

However, to me his later color films are his most astonishing achievements – chiefly A Gentle Creature, Lancelot of the Lake, and above all the Devil, Probably.

The Breson moments in life are usually hand in hand with the most notex. The sole purpose of Bressonian film is the frame, the model, the action as opposed to the actor. This book helped me see more clearly that bridge.

Notes on the Cinematographer

I don’t find Bresson’s films compelling in any which way. I’m probably hoping for something Robert Bresson is one of my all-time favorite filmmakers – and this book doesn’t take away the man’s mysterious powers of the cinema. This book is a very spare and tight gem – ideal for both the casual movie fan and the dedicated student of film. Communication is really hard for me. That’s why Samantha Morton and Liv Ullmann types are my favorites.

The real is not dramatic. Bresson at this time has completed six of his most well known films and is in the process of shooting Au Hasard Balthazar. He studied philosophy as a young man, as well as painting, an ideal pairing for the contemplative, ascetic cinema of Diary of a Country PriestPickpocket and A Man Escaped — all from the s, when the bulk of these notes were written.


What the book consists of are thoughts about filming — thoughts that are very different from one one usually thinks about as film, which Bresson associates with “the terrible habit of the theatre.

A small, powerful book of significant thoughts on filmmaking: I really, really, really wanted to glean so Huge Bresson fan; laud the ethos behind his approach to filmmaking; seen em all; respect the man immensely – I’m going to be the detractor on this one; unfortunately this collection of notes doesn’t really do much. Open Preview See a Problem? A blue is not the same blue beside a green, a yellow, a red.

Notes on the Cinematograph by Robert Bresson review – the art of film

Cinematography as Bresson explains it here is a unique form of writing. You must be capable, at any instant, of seeing and hearing it entire. Any Oprah memoirist might be jealous of fodder from my family history, but it is really same old.

I’m notfs constructing my own vade mecum. Because you do not have to imitate, like painters, sculptors, novelists, the appearance of persons and objects machines do that for youyour creation or invention confines itself to the ties you knot between the various bits of reality caught. To develop is another matter.

A mysterious note in the margins of my book for me to get some self-esteem. I’m inclined to agree Bresson was the greatest film director of all time, maybe the one true auteur in the history of cinema. Aug 08, Meredith rated it it was amazing. Play them back one by one in silence and adjust the blend.

Bresson realised that the enigmatic power of the stylised image he referred to his actors as “modelsutilised correctly, burns brightly – blazes – onto the memory. After spending lots of efforts on different takes to get everything as perfect as can be he decided to try just one take for his singing. Does it kill spontaneity? Written in a way to match his style, spare and austere, these thoughts of his are honestly helpful even outside of film.

Unfortunately, I think like pulling from the toppermost of my mental soils, seldom going down to the roots or allowing for future harvests.


The least fat of the two did get Hilary Duff into The Smiths. I’m probably like Good Charlotte when they name their brilliant beyond brilliant influences.

The most ordinary word, when put in cinematograohy place, suddenly acquires brilliance. Cinematographh paroxysms anger, terror, etc. Agony of making sure not to let slip any part of what I merely glimpse, of what I perhaps do not yet see and shall only later be able to see.

He started off as a scriptwriter, so he knows the value of words.

Notes on the Cinematograph by Robert Bresson review – the art of film | Books | The Guardian

I wanna go elsewhere. Brilliant short book on the aesthetics of the film mostly non-commercial, largely non-American of the 50s through 70s that speaks to me most deeply Godard, Bergman, Antonioni to skim the A list. It’s also why I have such a bad staring problem. In the worst-case scenariowe have two options. Got plenty of fiber, at least. These are notes that Bresson jotted down to himself, pretty much.

He does not speak the language. I tend to act more upset when things aren’t that bad than I do when things are really, really bad.

Anyway, I’d assimilate this instead of The Little Book of Calm as seen on the brilliant Black Books series when Manny Robert Bresson Notes on the Cinemahography is my philosophy book or self-help book for putting things together in what I feel, or need, to be real in stories, images, moments.

The most important will be the most hidden. Want to Read saving…. I really, really, really wanted to glean something more cinematoyraphy of this, but alas, no. Topics Film books Nicholas Lezard’s choice. Order by newest oldest recommendations. It is a bait for something.