The decision in Biogen v Medeva was handed down by the House of Lords on the night of Halloween , more than 20 years ago. The case is a landmark. That decision was based on the so-called ‘Biogen insufficiency’ principles, set down by Lord Hoffmann in Biogen v Medeva and neatly noted. Honble Shri S. Chandrasekaran, Technical Member This is an original application for revocation filed under section 64 read with section D of the Patents Act.

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Shiro Kanao of Ibaraki city, para B in pageit was held that, person interested must be a person who has a direct, present and tangible commercial interest which was injured or affected by the continuance of the patent on the register.

The said application came up for admission on Therefore it means the information which at the date of the patent in question is known and accepted without question by those who are engaged in the art or science to which the alleged invention relates. Blogen respondent has submitted in his counter statement that the teachings as to the wind farm do not apply to a single wind energy system claimed in the impugned patent but we find there is no biogdn mention in the specification or any evidence in support of the same.

It is because specific findings of fact, even by the most meticulous judge, are inherently an incomplete statement of the impression which was made upon him by the primary evidence.

The present revocation applicaions have been signed by Mr. Beggs, Re Judicial Review. The statutory basis for a claim for revocation on the grounds of insufficiency is Section 72 1 c:. Thus, if the voltage at a common point of the wind turbine, to the network, falls below a predefined level naturally, current will rise for a given amount of power the maximum power, the turbine can generate, also falls.

For the moment, I can confine myself to matters which were not in dispute. Some thought that the virus might use some of the host cell’s DNA to encode some of the virion proteins. Yogesh Mehra to manage day to day activities of the applicant company and under the general powers, to defend the Company and file suits on behalf of the company on matters that may arise out of contractual laws, corporate laws, taxation laws or any other statutory acts but not to initiate these revocation proceedings; o Mr.

The clear and unmistakable direction must amount to an enabling disclosure. Conversely, from the perspective of a grid, the amount of’ power that can be delivered into a number of’distributed loads is dependent upon the power actor angle between the voltage and current or each o those respective loads.

On the other hand, if he has disclosed a beneficial property which is common to the class, he will be entitled to a patent for all products of that class assuming them to be new even though he has not himself made more than one or two of them. Claims 1 and 3 are invalid for insufficiency because they claim the enantiomer made by any method, but the specification discloses only two ways of making it Kitchin J at first instance rejected the first two grounds of attack, but accepted the arguments regarding the lack of sufficiency thereby revoking claims 1 and 3.


This suggests that the electrical power is produced but that it is dissipated in a dump resistor and is therefore not emitted to the network.

Sufficiency: when is a product a product – Biogen v Medeva revisited? – Lexology

The Claim 2 has the method features having the following elements: There are indirect methods of coming at the problem and Lundbeck set out to try to find one of them in How art and law can work together beyond the marketplace.

These are circular DNA molecules called plasmids and the DNA of viruses which infect bacteria “bacteriophages” or “phages”. This, although consistent with the prevailing mindset, is the opposite of the teaching of patent IN and therefore do not disclose the teaching in patent Status quo with regard to all the issues pending in the proceeding should be maintained and no action in relation to the same shall be taken emphasis supplied.

Secondly, there was much doubt about how one inserted them into a host cell and whether there was any available type of host cell in which they could be expressed. For a document to anticipate a claim it must contain clear and unmistakable directions to the claimed invention or ther must be evidence that carrying out what was mwdeva in the document inevitably resulted in the claimed invention. In order to decide whether the specification is sufficient, it is therefore first necessary to decide what the invention is.

I do not think that this is bigoen to justify a monopoly of the whole field.

The argument before Aldous J. Lavis v Nursing and Midwifery Council. Get 2 points on providing a valid reason for the above change. The judge accepted this submission and held that Strategy B would not have been obvious in mfdeva They are, first, that the claimed invention was obvious sections l l b and 3both at the date of application for the patent in suit and at the date of Biogen 1.

It is stated in Halsburys Law 3rd Edition, Vol. That the description must be fair i. This patent therefore addresses a similar area to that of patent but is different in a number of important areas: A racemate is an equal mix of left and right-handed enantiomers that has no effect on polarised light. But similar processes of bipgen may stimulate the immune system of the host organism to produce “antibodies,” proteins which attach themselves to the virus and render it noninfectious.

It was next contended that Enercon GmbH has filed an application before the Company Law Board, New Delhi praying for a stay of the operation of the Board resolution dated Claim 1- A method for operating a wind-energy system having an electrical generator, which can be driven by a rotor, for emitting electrical power to an electrical network 6in particular to loads 8 which are connected to this network 6with the power which is emitted from the generator to the ibogen 6 being controlled as a function of an electrical voltage which is present at the network 6and with an amount of power which is less than the available generator power from the wind energy system being emitted for network over voltage protection, characterized in that the amount of power which is emitted is reduced even before a defined maximum network voltage value U max is reached after exceeding a specific network voltage value P1.


I return therefore to consider the technical contribution to the art which Professor Murray made in and disclosed in Biogen 1.

The same admission was also recorded by the UK meceva at para. The court declined and held that a skilled person would have known that in case of under- voltage, it was desirable to maintain power output to the grid or even increase, if possible, to restore the network voltage to a desired value. It was pointed out that the above description is supported at page 37 lines of the specification in the impugned patent.

The court noted that although section 14 5 c is a statutory requirement for a valid patent application, non-compliance is not a ground for revocation of a patent which has been mmedeva.

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But claim 2 claimed the reverse. If, therefore, the inventive concept was simply, as Aldous J. The respondent contended that figure 4 explains the general structure of feeding electrical energy into the grid. That must be found biigen reading and construing the claims, in which the inventor identifies what he claims to be his invention.

A reliable technique for sequencing had been invented by Professor Gilbert, but it was laborious and slow. It has also been stated that the said claim is directed towards the left hand side slope of the bkogen as seen in fig. This has already been dealt with, while discussing granted claims 1, 2 and 9. The above reasoning, consequently, applies to all the claims dependent on claim 2.

Sufficiency: when is a product a product – Biogen v Medeva revisited?

There were two reasons for wanting large fragments. He essentially saw one product claim as being very much the same as any other product claim but, medevva clearly was not the case and was expressly spelled out by Lord Hoffman in his judgment. The bases in each strand are linked by hydrogen bonds to their complementary bases in the other strand, C pairing with G and T with A.