Bee Season [Myla Goldberg] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An ordinary girl with an exceptional gift for spelling, young Eliza Naumann . An eccentric family falls apart at the seams in an absorbing debut that finds congruencies between the elementary school spelling-bee circuit, Jewish mysticism. As Eliza’s linguistic prowess takes her nearer to the national finals, the family finally begins to unravel.

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My feelings were confirmed when I traveled to Washington, D. Baiscally this book is about a disfunctional jewish family.

The winner of the bee, for example, was a born-again Christian who, whenever he was asked for his autograph, preceded his name with the hee “Jesus Lives. It started out beautifully but became increasingly weirder and weirder until it discentigrated into something repelling. I enjoyed reading Bee Season but felt it was a very uneven novel. Please try again later.

Bee Season Reader’s Guide

It’s more like 3. Do his retreats into his study serve another purpose, either conscious or subconscious, in his life? Bee Season turns the tables on this traditional slander. It started out just fine, goldbdrg young girl who was never thought to be that smart discovers she has a talent for spelling and decides to enter the spelling bee.

The significant change that computers have wrought upon the culture of spelling has come not via the spell-check function of word processing programs but through the insidious automatization of that function: The writing presented such PERFECT images in my head like Miriam’s “kaleidoscope” and Eliza’s epiphanyseeing someone else’s vision of it would absolutely kill it for me.


I spent two days at the national competition watching the bee, interviewing contestants, and eavesdropping on parents.

Bee Season

It was a slap in the face. Seson 28, Kaitlin rated it liked it. I liked these characters in the beginning of the book but after they spent the whole book spiralling down in their own versions of maddness, I just wasn’t really interested in their story The closer each of them moves to their personal nirvana, the farther they move from each other, and from confronting the emptiness that propelled them on this path in the first place.

Surprisingly enough this is nothing like a “traditional” spelling bee story. Sure, if, like me, you’re disturbed by a culture that can seem like a disorienting, if not destabalizing amalgam of theocracy and meritocracy, where success requires a near puritanical belief in self-reliance, and failure gives off a whiff of moral offense.

Bee Season – Wikipedia

I was really drawn into it Bee Season has four complex characters who together make a fascinating dysfunctional family. How do their assumptions about marriage and, later, their behavior with Eliza and Aaron belie the notion that they are free of the legacies of their own parents?

I wanted it at first to be like this sunny, happy, Reader’s Digest kind of read, and to lull people into this sense of complacency and then hit them over the head. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


The ending,which is ambiguous, is perfect. At what point does the pattern they have established begin to change? I thought it was touching to see Saul spending time with her daughter and encouraging her.

,yla below average student who has a talent for spelling words. I did write goldber very consciously to get darker and stronger as it continues. To be clear, we all agreed that it wasn’t a bad book, just a badly-executed one.

Eliza is invited into his study to practice, and Aaron for the first time finds the door closed to him. In this heartfelt exploration of family alienation and spiritual seeking, G. I have to admit voldberg of what Saul tells Eliza during these sessions is lost on me. The band’s frontman and songwriter Colin Meloy served as a guide for Goldberg when her book tour for Bee Season visited Portland, Oregon.

Bee Season by Myla Goldberg – Reading Guide – : Books

One of their big problems is an inability to communicate. Paperbackpages. I didn’t see the Naumann family as at all eccentric.