Astrocaryum standleyanum is a solitary-stemmed, evergreen palm growing 6 – 15 metres tall. The unbranched stem can be 16 – 22cm in diameter; it is armed. We studied use and management of Astrocaryum standleyanum L.H. Bailey among the Wounaan people at the Pacific Coast of Colombia. Use Of Mocora, Astrocaryum Standleyanum (Arecaceae), By Three Ethnic Groups In Ecuador: Differences, Similarities and Market Potential.

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Astrocaryum Fiber plants Astdocaryum described in Much of the time, the fiber is harvested by cutting the fronds from the trees. Useful Palms of the World: Other animals, such as antsare not helpful, as they destroy the seeds while consuming the fruit. Trees of Panama and Costa Rica. This helps distribute the palm throughout the forest. Leaves are harvested in a non-destructive way, using chisels mounted on long bamboo poles.

Instead of cutting down a tree, a harvester may use a media lunaa long pole with a curved blade at the end, to remove leaves. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.


Fruits obovoid, greyish green, turning orange at maturity, cm long. Inflorescences erect to arching, cream coloured, to cm long; branches toeach with female flowers on the basal part. Use, production stsndleyanum conservation of palm fiber in South America: Use and management of Astrocaryum standleyanum Standleyanjm in Ecuador.

Seed predation and defleshing in the agouti-dispersed palm Astrocaryum standleyanum. Need versus availability of the Astrocaryum standleyanum palm and strategies for future sustainable management in the Ipeti Embera territory, eastern Panama.

The behavior is known as scatter-hoarding. Journal of Tropical Ecology 13 1 Other human uses for the plant include wood for astrocaryuum sticksbowsand fishing rods. Astrocaryum standleyanum is commonly maintained as a shade tree in agroforestry systems. Views Read View source View history. All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from October Articles with permanently dead external links Webarchive template wayback links Articles with ‘species’ microformats.

Astrocaryum standleyanum – Wikipedia

Some local people grow plots of the palm on their land next to their crops. Retrieved 25 January One fruit weighs about 25 grams. The cluster is a hanging spadixwhich contains about fruits in optimal conditions. Sometimes, though, the trees are cut down, a more destructive practice.


Astrocaryum standleyanum

Differences, similarities and market potential. Based on work by Konakid. Spontaneous regeneration occurs in these systems, but actual cultivation is near absent. In leaner times a spadix might have only or so. Syagrus sancona with Astrocaryum standleyanum to the right.

J Hum Ecol 42 1 One agouti will commonly rob the cache of another, transporting the seeds to new locations. This page was last modified Stem solitary, to 15 m tall and 30 cm in diameter, armed with long black spines, often with one or more dead leaves hanging from the crown.

Genera Palmarum – Evolution and Classification of the Palms. Astroccaryum forming a funnel or umbrella shaped crown, erect and arching, to 5 m long; pinnae ca. Views Read Edit View history. stxndleyanum

Robbing rodents save tropical plant.