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You can cut off the tip of the multi-size nipple to fit the diameter of the hose you are using.

AL-KO Drain manual

Make sure that any electrical connections are not exposed to water and do not lie within the outflow of the pump.

I do not understand how to set the float switch to switch off at a desired water depth. Table of Contents Page: Durable and reliable mechanism, high capacity. Cable drums must be completely unwound. Send pump to your nearest AL-KO service centre.

Before using the pump again to drain liquid, the air trapped in the pump will have to be let out see Setting up and Operating the Pump. Make sure to leave ade- quate room between the pump and the bottom so that it cannot suck up solid matter. You may endanger your life or invalidate the warranty.

Your submersible pump has been designed for use in the following applications: Set the pump on the bottom so that it cannot fall over. I agree with privacy policiesregarding confidential data and user agreement. Obligatory field is not filled. Your pump is darin to low tempera- tures.


Pressure line is blocked. We recommend to see Lawn-and-garden pumps. Pumps for systems of water supply.

Float switch does not work even though liquid is above cut-in level. Our pump has stopped working unexpectedly. Have the pump checked.

Hose diameter is too small. Complete with a float, an angular adapter and the combined nipple.

Pumps & Hydrophores

Wait until the thermal switch has automatically turned the pump on again. Setting up and Operating the Pump 1. Perhaps the users of ManualsCat. If the bottom should be sandy or muddy or rocky and uneven, place the pump on a suitable hard, flat surface or suspend it from a rope attached to a secure object. Your question has been sent successfully.

Sand or other abrasive particles suspended in the liquid will lead to increased wear and tear and may impact the performance of your pump.

Drainage pump al-ko drain 11001

Air is trapped in the pump hous- ing. Drainage pump al-ko drain Pumps for systems of heating. Please observe the technical data given in the instructions before putting the pump into operation.

DANGER This symbol draws your attention to work processes or operating proce- dures that have to be carefully drai in order to prevent serious injury to the user or another person.

There is no burnt smell or anything to indicate a problem Answer question. Make sure that the pump does not run on a blocked or closed pressure hose. Submersible pump runs but is not pumping out 1100.


al-kp Please make sure that you describe your difficulty with the AL-KO Drain as precisely as you can. Make sure that the pump is unplugged before beginning any maintenance, repair or cleaning work. The supply voltage and current specified on the type plate must be identical with the voltage and current of your electrical system.

Translation of original user instructions GB 3 Page: The illustration page 4 suggests that it floats freely. Before you attempt to remedy any malfunction of your pump, pull the plug to prevent injury or death due to electrocution!

Do not pull on the cable when unplugging the pump. This warranty does not affect the usual statutory rights of the customer relative to the seller.


When placing the pump in the liquid, make sure to let it down slowly. Thermal protection Your submersible pump is equipped with a ther- mal protection switch which automatically swit- ches off the pump in case of overheating.

Remove blockage and clean suction slots. This statutory period may vary according to the legisla- tion in force in the country where the equipment was purchased.