82C55 datasheet, 82C55 circuit, 82C55 data sheet: TOSHIBA – CMOS PROGRAMMABLE PERIPHERAL INTERFACE,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet. The MSM82C55A-2 is a programmable universal I/O interface device which operates as high speed and on low power consumption due to 3m silicon gate. 82C55 datasheet, 82C55 pdf, 82C55 data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Intel, CHMOS PROGRAMMABLE PERIPHERAL INTERFACE.

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It is used to interface to the keyboard and a parallel printer port in PCs usually as part of an integrated chipset. Requires insertion of wait states if used with a microprocessor using higher that an 8 MHz clock.

Pinout of 82C55 PPI. Interfacing the 82C55 PPI.

Mode 0 Operation Mode 0 operation causes the 82C55 to datahseet as a buffered input device or as a latched output device. In previous example, both ports A and B are programmed as mode 0 simple latched output ports.


Port A provides the segment data inputs to display and port B provides a means of selecting one display position at a time. Different values are displayed in each digit via fast time multiplexing.

Intel 8255

The values for the resistors and the type of transistors used are determined using the current requirements see text for details. Textbook has the assembly code fragment demonstrating its use. Examples of connecting LCD displays and 822c55 motors are also given.

External data is stored in the ports until the microprocessor is ready.

Port C used for control or handshaking signals cannot be used for data. Signal definitions for Mode 1 Strobed Input. Mode 1 Strobed Input. Mode 1 Strobed Input Example.


Mode 1 Strobed Output Similar to Mode 0 output operation, except that handshaking signals are provided using port C. Signal Definitions for Mode 1 Strobed Output.

Mode 1 Strobed Output. Mode 2 Bi-directional Operation Only allowed with port A. Bi-directional bused data used for interfacing two computers, GPIB interface etc. Mode 2 Bi-directional Operation.