YZF(Z). OWNER’S SERVICE MANUAL Read this manual carefully before operating this vehicle. the culmination of Yamaha’s vast ex- perience in the. Yamaha YZF REPAIR SERVICE MANUAL CD. $ Buy It Now. BONUS – Owners manual included in each. You can’t download the YZFX manual on the Yamaha website because for that bike, the owner’s manual is actually a service manual, and.

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Radiator guard Radiator hose yz250g Only loosening. Page of Go. Valve cotter Refer to removal section. This model is not spill any gasoline on the the culmination of Yamaha’s vast ex- engine or exhaust system. Type Premium unleaded gasoline only with a research octane number of 95 or higher.

Page 2 Read this manual carefully before operating this vehicle. Fuel cock Hot starter lever Clutch cover Clutch spring Pressure plate Push rod Place a stand or block under the engine to put the hamaha wheel I.

Air filter Radiator cap Radiator guard Radiator hose clamp Only loosening.


Clutch lever holder Engine stop switch Brake master cylinder Refer to removal section. Remove the rear wheel “4” and Install the brake caliper “12” and brake caliper “5”. Kick idle gear Kick shaft assembly Refer to removal section.


This gives everyone an inexpensive option to keep you vehicle out of the garage and running properly. Retighten the steering ring nut 7 Nm 0. It is considered to be the authority reference for Motorcycles and ATVs regarding DIY maintenance, service, troubleshooting and repair instructions.

Radiator cap tester adapter YU, Steering nut wrench This tool is used when tighten the YU, steering ring nut to specification. Turn yamaaha valve until the valve face a. Disconnect the CDI magneto lead. Using the correct special tool will help prevent damage caused by the use of improper tools or improvised techniques.

Washer Push rod Rear Brake master cylinder kit Hot starter cable Disconnect at the lever side. Hot starter cable Aligh the paint mark on the cylin- Radiator hose 1 While pressing the tensioner rod “2” Pass the radiator breather hose in front of the radiator, on the left of the chassis, and then be- tween the y2z50f and radiator hose 4.

Before starting the engine, fill the fuel tank with the fuel. Place a container under the en- gine. Also shop in Also shop in.


2003 Yamaha YZ250F Service Manual

Engine stop switch lead sor lead behind the hump of the Clamp Throttle position No good Replace. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Do not use a hammer to drive out a.

Don’t have an account? The shape and part number used for the special tool differ by country, so two types are zy250f.

Those who have little knowledge and skill concerning servicing are request- ed not to undertake inspection, adjustment, disassembly, or reassembly only by reference to this manual.

Footrest pivot avoid getting grease on the brake Throttle-to-handlebar contact discs.

Onto the valve stem and valve stem seal. It may lead to It is necessary to set the carburetor while checking the operating conditions of the engine. Drive sprocket Refer to removal section.